Allowed Use Abroad


Opinions abound concerning proper use of psilocybin mushrooms. Many oppose any use at all, legal or illegal, as being far too dangerous. Others, though, who have read Robert Gordon Wasson’s writings, advocate (as did he) use only as a sacred sacrament, a true entheogen. . . “Correct place and all.” Most in that category would not approve of using them at a party, and certainly not with even small amounts of alcohol. Many also seem to disapprove of use that results in smiling, joy, laughter, or giggling. To them, magic mushrooms are an uptight serious business. But in those places listed below, the ones that we’ve been visiting, most all such views seem quite uncommon.

It is our intention, here, simply to inform as to what is going on in those places. If you would be distressed at seeing what some perceive as insufficiently respectful use, it might be best to give them a miss. If viewing what some might see as risky behavior in a party situation where many are using alcohol, while others may(?) be using mushrooms – but with no way to know who is taking what, if anything – if that would trouble you, perhaps our coverage won’t please.

Included in our photos and videos are many smiling, happy people enjoying themselves. The thing that seems most important to me is that users, where use is legal or tolerated, are informed and using responsibly so as not to cause problems either to themselves or others. Getting that sort of information out, and better decimated, is a main purpose of this website. Knowing what people actually do, and within what limits, and whether or not such is problematic – that would seem to be of use and interest too.  We would like to see legal mushroom use made safer everywhere, so we will be tossing in occasional suggestions on that. Drug laws, drug war, and prohibition will also get some occasional comment.

If you haven’t already read our Introductory Article (Homepage), you might best start there.  That covers some of Amsterdam and Kuta – providing background and coherence that otherwise will be missing. Those links below bring in Gili T and Koh Phangan along with additional Amsterdam and Bali. Sorry for the occasional image and comment repeats. 

All we have to show is city-park, art-display, mushroom-bar, and party-use of magic mushrooms. But what of Wassons’ vision of them as sacred sacraments? Magic mushrooms are still much used that way in Mexico – and possibly by many groups, underground, here in the U.S. and elsewhere. Psilocybin mushrooms most certainly inspire spiritually and religiously. But how to make much use of that when your rule of law imprisons for both growing and possessing? If there are practitioners of spiritual use here in the U.S., establishing a few spiritual centers overseas, where legal or tolerated, would be nice – perhaps in tourist centers like Kuta or Amsterdam? Getting magic mushrooms better known, as spiritual sacraments, might well be better both for the reputation of magic mushrooms and for those interested in them.

For any of you who do see magic mushrooms as sacraments, perhaps stop in at our Meditation Room.