Bedhot in Yogyakarta

(With examples of how not  to conduct interviews)


In the far off city of Yogyakarta (on the island of Java, in Indonesia), right next to the railroad station there, is the busy intersection of Pasar Kembang and Malioboro Street. From that intersection, go west down Pasar Kembang to the second alley (Gang 2), turn left, walk a few yards, and you’ll see a sign ahead, Losmen (small hotel) Setia Kawin. That’s where Bedhot lives.

He owns and runs both that losmen and the nearby restaurant, Bedhot Resto. Mr. Bedhot is also an artist, a painter – a surrealist. As a youth, while learning his art, Bedhot was inspired by psilocybin mushrooms – and many of his paintings still feature them. Come meet Mr. Bedhot, his art, some of the things he has learned, and a few of those happy mushrooms that keep appearing on his canvases.

Parts 1, 2, and 4 catch Mr. Bedhot at work painting. Part 3 is a two part interview (3a and 3b) that touches on his first encounters with magic mushrooms – plus various safety concerns that all users should be aware of.

              As Mr. Bedot describes his place, “Not the best but something different (artistic place).”

                          As he describes his lifelong projects, “I’m designing my own world.”

*Did that ending in Part–1 suggest that magics are not a problem? Are safe for all?             

   In any amount? If so, Wrong!!! Later on do read Advice and Warnings.

Music Selections:

Part 1: The Light Of The Spirit – Kitaro, from The Light Of The Spirit

Part 2: Journey To A Fantasy – Kitaro, from The Light Of The Spirit

Part 4: Canon (Pachelbel) – Galway, from the Very Best Of James Galway