Our central interest is psilocybin mushroom use: places where legal or tolerated, pertinent warnings, how to use most safely, what the experience is like, and the art inspired. With the help of viewers like you, this website could become lots

better. Perhaps you know of some webpage(s) that would be particularly appropriate to link to. If so, please send the addresses of such – and whether or not you wish to be acknowledged (as finder/sender) via name, city, state, and country. Many such links may not get used, but each will be appreciated.

With mushrooms, would be nice to know the species , if you know it, and you best be dealing with a reliable source (mushroom shop,  mushroom bar, street vender, shaman, etc.) if you don’t know it. Perhaps you have pertinent clips already posted, on UTube or elsewhere, that might usefully supplement ours? If so, please do send web addresses – and whether or not you wish acknowledgement. If your clip fits for us, we’d love to help more viewers see it.

The sort of input that would most interest us, as either video, still-photo essays, or slide shows, would be (1) places where used, what’s used, how consumed, clientele type, norms, locale, and nearby places of interest (2) anything being done to better inform and protect relative to safe, responsible use (3) ongoing traditional or religious use (4) visits with, and viewing the art of, artists who have been particularly inspired by magics (5) use inspired achievement, religiosity, community betterment, or beneficial change (6) clips that decently convey what an uplifting, moderate to strong, magic mushroom trip can be. It is the videographer’s responsibility to get informed consent – or to angle shots so that such consent is not needed.

Stuff that we would most NOT want to see: drunkenness for drunkenness sake; people making fools of themselves; put downs of religion, other peoples, or cultures; ditto with condescending attitudes thereto; blatant pushing of particular mushroom shops or bars (any much more than we do); anything likely to disturb even the mildly judgmental (any more so than we do); and support for anything-goers, irresponsible use, and intentional overdosing. Likewise unappreciated, would be support for failed logic such as, “Tune in, Turn on, and Drop Out,” or “The only evil that associates itself with mushrooms is taking too little,” and/or hurtful criticism of specific people, shops, towns, or countries. They can’t rebut. Constructive criticism is just fine so long as it’s subtile & generalized.

We do intend to later update and expand our coverages of Amsterdam, Bali, Gili Trawangan, and Koh Phangan. We hope to be  adding one or two photo essays on magic mushroom inspired art and artists. Later on, perhaps also a Blog Comments section. So, keep in touch and help us get better.




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