Some Overdoses that Made News

Magic mushroom clue to death fall                                          Manchester Evening News (UK), 2004

Railroad prank ends in tragedy                                               The Argus , 2005

French tourist in Amsterdam commits                                     Simply Amsterdam News (NL), 2007

suicide after using ‘magic mushrooms’

Teenager dies in magic mushroom incident                     (NL), 2008 

Overdose should never be intentional. Strong dose trips, where overdose is possible, are best done out in nature with no more than a few supportive friends –  and far from crowds, traffic, buildings, overpasses, cliffs, wells, rivers, lakes, etc. Strong dosing is serious business that need not be done often – if at all. See Advice and Warnings.

Journal Articles

Psilocybin can occasion mystical-type                                     Psychopharmacology (Berl.), R.R. Griffiths, 2006

experiences having substantial and

sustained personal meaning and                                                 Media Coverage by Washington Post

spiritual significance                                                                   Media Coverage by The Economist

Mystical-type experiences occasioned                                      J. Psychopharmacology, R.R. Griffiths, 2008

by psilocybin mediate the attribution

of personal meaning and spiritual                                               Media Coverage by Baltimore Sun

significance 14 months

Drugs and Mysticism                                                                 Int. J. Parapsycology, W.N. Pahnke, 1966

Recollections of The Good Friday Experiment:                      J. Transpersonal Psychology, T. Roberts, 1997

An Interview With Huston Smith


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Cleansing the Doors of Perception                                          H. Smith               

Assorted Sampler

Council on Spiritual Practices/Psilocybin Research       

Erowid (see magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and art)       

Magic Mushroom Net                                                      

Psilocybin Mushroom Effects              

Risk Assessment Report Related to Paddos  

(Magic Mushrooms) – CAM (the Netherlands)

Seeking The Magic Mushroom (a redone layout             

of R. Gordon Wasson’s 1957 Life Magazine article)